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    Welcome to the book division of Yellow Tail Records. We're excited about our new venture, and our new release, "The Monster in the Closet/Go To Sleep," the first bedtime book for grownups from the group, Uncle Bonsai!

    The Monster in the Closet/Go To Sleep

    The Monster in The Closet, written by Andrew Ratshin and illustrated by Arni Adler is a cautionary tale, based on the things parents might say to keep their kids in bed at night; Go To Sleep, also written by Andrew Ratshin, illustrated by Patrice O’Neill, is a lovely lullaby, with an increasingly frustrated parent trying to get a child to bed. Following in the vein of Edward Gorey and Tm Burton, these books might not be for the youngest child in the household but will please older kids and parents alike! (No bad language or anything like that . . . just maybe a whole lot of monsters in the house! You want to find out? Get out of bed!)

    Uncle Bonsai Book Covers


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    Yellow Tail Press is the new publishing branch of Yellow Tail Records, a Seattle-based independent music label that features some of the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer . . . along with the wonderful non-Pacific Northwest singer/songwriter Christine Lavin.

    Yellow Tail Press started in 2012 to present the written works of the group Uncle Bonsai. For over 30 years, the group has been recording and performing thorughout North America and now, for the first time, two of their songs have been incorporated into a brand new "bedtime book for grownups," The Monster in the Closet/Go To Sleep, two tauntingly twisted tales for tormented parents! This reversible hard cover book -- why should kids have all the fun -- is available in stores everywhere and direct from the Yellow Tail Store. Compact Disc included!

    For more information about the recordings of Uncle Bonsai, or to find out about their upcoming concerts, please visit the Uncle Bonsai Home Page.

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    Of course we're on all, or most of all, the social networks. Here are some direct links to the Uncle Bonsai pages . . . that's all we're selling these days and so you might as well go directly to those spots.

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    If you'd like more information about our book(s), our artists, our recordings, our favorite breakfast cereal, or our hopes for the future, or if you want to be on our mailing list, here's how to contact us. If you'd like to be on our mailing list, please include your address or, at the minimum, your zip code, so we can let you know when one of our artists is going to be in your area. Yellow Tail Press/Yellow Tail Records does not share names with anyone . . your information is safe!

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